Free USB Disk Security

A security app that protects USB drives


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  • Version 3.0
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  • Works under: Windows 2003 / Windows 7 / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows XP / Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by avdsoft

Those who are looking to keep their personal information safe will often use Free USB Disk Security.

Pen drives and USB keys will often be used to store personal and important information. The Free USB Disk Security application is designed to shield such data from prying eyes as well as to constantly scan a disk to make certain that no data has been lost or corrupted (as in the form of a transferable virus). In many ways, this piece of software can be viewed in a similar manner to a traditional virus scan. The user interface is also quite easy to understand; ideal for those who may not be overly familiar in regards to the way security systems operate.

Constant Virus Detection

Free USB Disk Security has been produced by Zbshareware Labs and its functions also centre around the detection of viruses that may have been picked up and placed onto a USB stick or a pen drive. In essence, this platform is designed to prevent these malicious entities from being transferred from an external source onto an operating system. In addition, the scanner claims to be functioning in real time. This signifies that the computer is apparently afforded non-stop protection.

Classic Functionality

Much like a more traditional anti-virus package, Free USB Disk Security comes with a quarantine option on top of its normal detection capabilities. The user will thereafter be able to browse the files found to check if they are indeed suspect and should be deleted. Another interesting feature is that there is a URL scanner built into this basic level of detection. Any URL or web address can be entered into a search bar. The system will then scan the site to make certain that there are no viruses or malware contained within. This can be an extremely useful option for those who regularly browse unknown sites or who may be unsure of the hallmarks of a less-than-trustworthy portal.

The Main Interface

As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, much of the appeal of this system is that it is seen as being very streamlined and easy to use. From the main interface, individuals will have the ability to oversee all recent events, manage tasks and even perform a system repair. This is intended to detect, quarantine and (if desired) delete all suspect files that may be on a computer. Please note that most of these tools are already present within the majority of modern Windows operating systems.

Issues with Help

One of the criticisms which has been cited by many users is that the help section is quite confusing and convoluted. As opposed to providing the relevant information up front, it appears much more jumbled and difficult to navigate. Those who may have questions along the way could find this frustrating.

Monitoring Concerns

Another problem that some have encountered is that it is not possible to tell if the platform is constantly operating. When a scan is performed, it completes very quickly. There are questions in regards to whether or not a full scan was even performed. Another drawback is that there is no event log. Therefore, long-term tracking is not possible.


While this system is indeed efficient and useful, there are still some benefits and disadvantages to be mentioned.


  • Easy to work with
  • Claims to provide proactive monitoring
  • A streamlined user interface


  • Questionable monitoring solutions
  • No logging capabilities
  • Difficult to tell if anything is happening
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